My plans for this blog

Hello and welcome to the 2nd post on Aspergirls Anon!

Who is my blog aimed at? Aspergirls and anyone else who works with us/our families and friends/anyone who wants to understand us better

What do I intend to blog about? General day-to-day observations on life as an Aspergirl that I think will be helpful

How often will there be new posts? Hopefully at least weekly!

Why is it Anonymous? I’m not yet ready to be fully out in public as an Aspergirl, as unfortunately there  is a negative stigma attached to it, and my paid work is with members of the public who could judge me negatively. Maybe, hopefully, one day that will change.

I cry, you cry, you bleed, I bleed, I’m free, you’re free

We love, we lie, we hurt, we try.

(Heather Peace, “We can Change”)

It will be great to know if anyone is actually reading this blog, so please leave comments! If not, hey ho, it’s fun to write!



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