Aspergers and Travel

I haven’t been blogging for a while: been preparing for, then going on, Berlin trip!!! 1240-mile round journey, alone, to see my favourite singer H (who is from my country, I’ve already seen 8 times at home!) Read an article last week about how people with Aspergers sometimes feel more at home in a foreign country – because we’re so used to feeling alienated in our own country, that it’s second nature when we go abroad. We are expert at being foreigners! Makes sense. So true, for me anyway. I have literally had the time of my life these last few days. I’ve actually managed to forget I have Aspergers – at home, I’m reminded at every corner. I’m a confident traveller, as long as I have maps, timetables, itineraries. Travelling alone is no bother in a safe (English speaking and/or European) country. I rarely travel, sadly – no opportunity. I love to catch planes! Getting up at 4am or whenever. Take- off. Crossing time zones. Figuring out funny money. Trying new foods: (I’ll try anything as long as it’s vegan.) Feeling in no-space-or-time. Being taken out of my comfort zone and puzzling how to get back in it. If I suffered from sensory overload, or the need for routine, I can see travel would be much harder, as routines are broken and new stuff can be total sensory bombardment. I do have a really poor sense of direction, I have to go somewhere 2 or 3 times sometimes to sense the right eg. exit from underground station. I rely on maps and signs where others would rely on instinct. I’d recommend to any Aspergirl who likes, or thinks they would like, travel: Do it! Go places! Especially if you can pursue your special interest abroad, as I’ve been doing. Heaven! Just wish I could do it more.


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