I’ve been doing too much of this lately. For example: A picture of me got on social media recently, of me standing on one leg. I hadn’t even realised that’s what I was doing until I saw the photo. I was very happy when it was taken, and I tend to do a little dance when I’m happy. Someone commented, laughing about me being legless. Then someone else laughed at her comments. I replied that I’d only had one beer that day. All good-natured, but what ran through my mind was “Oh my god I look so autistic in that pic!” But what is wrong with doing a little dance when you’re happy? (Whether or not you’ve had a drink.) Nothing, as far as I’m concerned, and if it gives someone a good-natured laugh, all the better. Here’s a little illustration of what I mean: the bottom half of the picture is where I want to be at. Let’s have rainbows, sunshine and fluffy clouds, not boxes. I’m working on it!!!


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